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Who We Are

"Korean No.1 Corporations' Choice, 

  A Creative Marketing Strategy Agency"


Comma Entertainment Corporation

CEO:  Stephen T. Lee

Foundation:  11. 11. 2015   

Address:  Level 6, Nonhyeon-ro 707, Gangnam-gu

                  Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

Contact:  +82 2) 6319 6947


"You Imagine, We Create"






We, Comma Entertainment provide one-stop customized marketing strategy service for local AND foreign clients. Since we recognize the importance in having

consistent branding across all online and offline assets

which let clients to take advantages from various platforms,

our service includes various types dependent on

brand guidelines and customer needs.

To ensure client’s brand or product that originated in one country

to be enthusiastically accepted in others, Comma Entertainment’s international marketing strategy takes more into consideration than just country

– it involves human research based on accurate analysis of foreign culture,

market saturation and customer behaviors (buying habits).

We do not simply look for the easiest way of making a profit, but more intensively aim to maximize potential and increase the brand’s future value in new markets. Therefore, we regularly track and manage the result close to a reach intended outcomes, and suggest the future steps.

Comma Entertainment Corporation   l  registration no. 731-88-00946  l  Level 6, 707, Nonhyeon-ro, Gangnam-gu,

CEO Stephen T. Lee     l     l    02)  6319 6947